Monday, 10 January 2011

Resolutions for 2011

2011 is set to be a year of big change for me as I leave CERN after 8 years.  So I thought it was a good year to write down some resolutions (for the first time ever!).  I think it's going to be important for me not to be too mono-focussed on any one area in particular this year, so some resolutions for Body, Speech and Mind:


In general I need to work a bit more on mountain fitness - I ran 1:42 for a half marathon this year, it'd be nice to get the training in to pull that under 1:40

  • Run 1080 Kilometres (I did ~950 last year)
  • Enter 7 races (I did 3 last year)
  • Complete 21 ski tours (~3 last year)
  • 21 other 'mountain days' - trail running, climbing, hiking


This year I want to write more, both code and text.  Especially since I won't have morning coffee colleagues to talk to (other than my cat!), I'm going to try and publish more stuff on this blog and twitter..

  • 49 blog entries
  • 108 tweets
  • 7 new open-source projects on github


  • Learn a new language (tibetan, hindi ?) to basic conversational level
  • Learn a new computer language (Erlang ?)

Let's see in 12 months how I did...

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